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MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro

TrayIcon Pro adds files to the system tray, making them easier to find
2.1.254 (See all)

There have been times when we have to locate a folder and open it again and again. Of course we can make a shortcut of it to the desktop but then that has its own issues. We always have to go to the desktop then to open it. TrayIcon Pro 2.1 gives the user the leverage to add the files he/she wishes to the system tray, making it all the more easy for the user.

The features include the adding the frequently used folders to be placed in the system tray, near the computer clock, so that they can be accessed with a single click of the mouse. Another great feature is to minimize any of the running application to the system tray. The latest version has the ability of supporting different internet browsers like Netscape and Opera favorite list. All the URLs are stored in the history of the TrayIcon Pro 2.1, thus making it easier for the user to browse through the system tray.

Extra features include window transparency an thus enabling the program to stay on top. Desktop enhancement includes rolling of the window to display the caption only. The user can also set a password to the icons in the system tray.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Minimizes all program to system tray


  • Cannot categorize the folders
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